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Koramic Range.

Teaming up with Wienerberger in Europe, we proudly introduce the most extensive range of clay roof tiles to New Zealand. Kiln-fired to 1200 degrees Celsius, Koramic roof tiles exhibit craftsmanship at its finest, offering over 50 unique options in varied sizes, styles, and textures – including glazed, sanded, multi-blend, and more. Remarkably versatile, Koramic Clay Tiles can also be utilised as a ceramic facade, allowing for the creation of a distinctive, creative, and seamlessly designed building character.

Discover the possibilities with our Koramic Clay Tiles and select the perfect solution for your upcoming roofing or cladding project. For a comprehensive overview of the full range, refer to the catalog provided below. Elevate your architectural endeavors with the timeless elegance and quality craftsmanship of Koramic Clay Tiles.

Double Depression Interlocking Mulden Tile

Koramic Double Depression Mulden tiles, crafted by Wienerberger, offer designers and architects a unique opportunity to create a gently undulating appearance. The water-drainage surface of these tiles is equipped with a central rib, providing not only an aesthetic touch but also enhancing the tile's mechanical strength. This thoughtful design element allows for both visual appeal and durability, making it an ideal choice for projects where both form and function are crucial.

Flat Tile Interlocking 

The premium design of Koramic Double Depression Mulden tiles not only imparts a sleek and minimal appearance to the roof plane but also ensures exceptional strength and durability. The modern flat interlocking profile contributes to a contemporary aesthetic and also leads to a reduction in construction time and costs. Furthermore, their larger size offers a higher coverage area per square meter compared to traditional clay tiles. These tiles embody a perfect blend of modern aesthetics, structural integrity, and cost-efficiency, making them a preferred choice for discerning architects and designers.

Hollow Tile Interlocking

Drawing inspiration from the distinctive roof profiles of Northern France, the Koramic Double Depression Mulden tiles showcase an undulating wavy appearance. Available in a diverse range of colors and textures, including dark clays, matte clays, and the contemporary glaze, these premium roof tiles are thoughtfully designed by Wienerberger. The variety in colors and textures not only caters to traditional preferences but also allows for modern and customised expressions, offering architects and designers a versatile palette to realise their creative visions.

Hollow Tile

These tiles feature an arched water-drainage section, creating an undulating and wavy appearance on the roof plane. This distinctive characteristic is reminiscent of the traditional roof profiles found in Flemish and French architecture. The choice of this tile type not only adds visual interest but also pays homage to the timeless and elegant aesthetics of historical European roofing styles.