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Blauwrood Genuanceerd

Blauwrood Genuanceerd

CLASSO COLLECTION - STYLISH colour NUANCES FOR A CLASSY FACADE. This variant of the Classo facing bricks is purple-red and shows blue-black reduction spots.

The colour is homogeneous in the mass and the surfaces are matt, grained and sanded. The Classo collection offers you bricks that are available in yellow and dark red. But it is mainly the light grey, brown and green nuances in the stone texture itself that create more depth and provide a tasteful character in your facade. It's a facing brick with expressive colour palette.

  • Dimensions Available (LxWxH)

    WF - 210 x 100 x 50

    HF - 210 x 100 x 50

    WDF - 215 x 102.5 x 65

  • Weight

    WF - 1.70 kg/brick

    HF - 1.80 kg/brick

    WDF - 2.20 kg/brick

  • Bricks p/m2

    WF - 73 p/m2

    HF - 73 p/m2

    WDF - 57 p/m2

  • Technical Data

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