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Step into the future of architectural excellence with CORIUM by Wienerberger, a revolutionary brick facade cladding system seamlessly marrying the timeless allure of authentic brick with efficient, rapid installation. This cutting-edge system not only captures the natural beauty of real brick but also offers a cost-effective solution for projects demanding a lightweight facade, diverging from traditional masonry.

Dive into a world of design possibilities with CORIUM's extensive range of colors and textures. From contemporary 'high-tech' facades on new, prestigious buildings to seamlessly blending with existing brickwork during renovation projects, CORIUM effortlessly satisfies diverse aesthetic requirements.


The core of CORIUM lies in its composition of clay brick tiles, ingeniously clipped into interlocking steel backing sections, whether mounted horizontally or vertically. The resulting facade is further enhanced by pointing the vertical and horizontal joints with mortar, creating the authentic appearance of traditional brickwork. What sets CORIUM apart is its unique mechanical 'clipping' feature, ensuring both a robust facade and the flexibility to adjust tile positions during installation.


Versatility is at the heart of CORIUM's appeal, accommodating various substructures including concrete, timber frame, structural steel, lightweight steel frames, masonry, and structurally insulated panels. The system opens the door to creative experimentation, allowing architects to play with bond patterns, brick orientation, and both vertical and horizontal installations. This flexibility extends to crafting intricate facade design features like curved surfaces and soffits.


With over two decades of experience, Wienerberger has perfected the CORIUM cladding system. Widely adopted in the UK and internationally, and rigorously industry-tested and approved, CORIUM ensures a durable, high-quality finish for your building project, standing the test of time and embodying the epitome of excellence in architectural innovation.


Why Corium.

Stellaria Ceramic Corium Fast Cladding System

Corium Performance.


Offers a genuine brick finish for projects where lightweight cladding is required.


Clay brick tiles, clipped into interlocking steel backing sections mounted horizontally or vertically


Up to 50% lighter and 4-5x faster to install than traditional brickwork.


Corium products achieve an A1 fire resistance rating for non-combustible cladding.


BBA approved and certified.

Corium Classic Range.

Corium Bespoke Range.

Corium Bespoke Range: Tailored to your project. Achieve the ideal aesthetic for your façade design.

International Gallery.