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Product Used - Porotherm Clay Block

Location - Cambridge

“It’s now almost 6 months since we moved into our home. Summer and Autumn temperatures have given me a chance to form some impressions of how the house performs in a range of conditions.

The overwhelming impression I felt in the first two months was ‘How cool’ it was; loving the design and the materials of construction, the fantastic quality and feel of the joinery, the organic nature of the interior walls, but also the literal ‘coolness’ of the interior during the very hot, humid summer we were experiencing. The best way to demonstrate this was to simply take one step inside from the North facing deck and out again; it was amazing to feel the difference in temperature with one simple step!

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time during the middle of most days enjoying the sunshine from inside the house without experiencing the unbearable humidity or extremes of temperature…"


Chris Ginders


Cambridge Porotherm Project

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