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Brick used - Con Mosso

Location – Mangawhai Estuary House

Architect – Belinda George Architects

Belinda George Architects, have achieved something truly remarkable with their award-winning design. By skillfully integrating curved brick walls and timber elements, they have created a home that stands out as a masterpiece of architecture. This fusion of materials not only adds visual interest but also enhances the connection between the built environment and the natural surroundings.

The Con Mosso brick, with its distinct texture and character, serves as an ideal complement to the warmth and versatility of timber. These materials, known for their dimensional qualities and expressive nature, bring a sense of depth and richness to the design.

Winning the prestigious Home Magazine NZ readers' choice 'Rural Home Of The Year 2024' award is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of Belinda George Architects and Coastal Homes NZ. Their collaborative effort has resulted in a residence that not only showcases architectural excellence but also celebrates the beauty of its rural setting.

Judges' Citation

"Conceptualised as a poetic tribute to the estuarine patterns that define its surroundings, this home embodies a harmonious blend of fluidity and solidity, offering a serene retreat for its occupants. The single-level layout seamlessly integrates with the natural and social contours of the land. An innovative plan, characterised by a delightful internal courtyard and generous connecting spaces, fosters a sense of fluidity and ease, while curved brick walls exude reassuring solidity and tactility, balancing the dynamic flow of the design. Situated along the public esplanade, ‘Estuary’ encourages neighbourly connection with passers-by, opening up to the community while maintaining privacy and tranquility. A thoughtful, beautifully conceived gem along the coastline."

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