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These sunscreens or Barros as they are also known, facades gain a special, individual shape. 

Barros can be produced project-specifically and used for a variety of purposes. Distances between each Barro can differ per design as too can the facade surface vary from one to another. 

Functionally, Barros are used for sun protection when mounted in front of or above windows, or used as screens, horizontally or vertically installed, in front of whole elevations. One of the many applications of Barro screening, can be seen in car park buildings.

Barro is able to be manufactured in rectangular, square, elliptic or any other desired shape. 

Exclusive and proprietary protected, its unique colours as well as colour gradients including metallic appearances can be obtained through our new Barro Supreme © collection. The Supremes are coloured on all four sides, making it a functional design item from all perspectives.

Like our Argeton’s Façade Terracotta panels Tampa, Terzo, Lineo, Altivo and Danza, Barro Terracotta Baguettes are made of clay from natural resources and contain no harmful substances.


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