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Product Used - Argeton terracotta panels: facade panel (gold)
Architect - SPEECH, Moskau
Location - Russia
Reference - Weinerberger

Golden Brilliance through a glazed terracotta facade - The residential complex "Tsarskaya Square" built in Moscow.

From an architectural point of view, the complex is designed in separate sections. Each section was constructed with its own plasticity and cladding material. One building is named in honor of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great.

The selected cladding materials were used to emphasize the broken rhythm of the building; the ceramic facade panels not only create a durable and haptically pleasant surface here, but also set expressive artistic accents. The volumetric golden façade panels with a mirror effect, installed in groups in the form of columns, look very noble in front of the background of flat white natural stone panels.

The most decisive argument of the architects for the ceramic façade tiles from Argeton was the immediate delivery in the individually desired color. In addition, the special material properties also played a role in the selection of the glazed terracotta elements. "Our glazes are characterized by outstanding technical properties and special sustainability, which were confirmed in numerous laboratory tests," reports Gerold Mühle, head of laboratory at Argeton.

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