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Product used – Red Waterstruck Tumbled

Architect – Marc Symons (building coordinator specialised in horse stables)

These new horse stables are part of a farm building in Wolvertem. Top horses and their grooms live and work in a pleasant, comfortable setting. The high-quality finish of the stables allow them to blend in perfectly with the neighbouring older buildings. The architects deliberately chose complete tiled roofs. A visual advantage that also impresses potential buyers of jumping horses and stallions.

The Red Waterstruck Tumbled clay pavers connect 4 buildings to one another. A paved path leads to a building, then guides you through the stable and finally shows the way to the next building. The Red Waterstruck Tumbled pavers were chosen because of their luxurious and elegant look that fits in with the classical class of the entire heritage site. Furthermore, clay pavers only become more beautiful with age, whilst also retaining their value.

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