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Brick Used - Thorn Con Mosso

Location - Eddington, Cambridge

Architect - McInnes Usher McKnight Architects (MUMA)

The Eddington community now boasts the award-winning Storeys Field Community Centre and Nursery, a space that seamlessly combines architectural splendor, versatility, and practicality. This multifunctional facility accommodates a range of events, from weddings and memorial services to music concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, parties, meetings, and exercise classes. Notably, local children benefit from a secure nursery area designed for play and exploration.

The community centre and nursery, featuring the elegant facing brick Con Mosso, are thoughtfully arranged around a landscaped courtyard. The use of facing bricks as the primary building material provided architects with creative freedom, allowing for distinct façades through varied laying patterns, intricate detailing, and eye-catching elements like porthole and geometric-shaped windows. Employing the same brick product throughout the entire construction project enhances a sense of unity and cohesion, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of this impressive and functional space.

Reference -  Wienerberger 

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