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Brick Used - Marziale 

Location - Glasgow

Architect - Keppie Design

Wienerberger’s Marziale brick was selected for the project, aiding in creating an architecture that embodied the surrounding character of the ship building urban context, whilst also addressing the sensitivities associated with the final use of the building, when visitors will be seeking comfort and reassurance.

The result of the project is a series of white brick forms interconnected by green roofed, white concrete porticos, in turn creating an industrial silhouette fronting Govan Road – shielding the house from the noise of nearby traffic.

Dark, projecting windows are prominent from the contrasting white brick forms, which provide indoor space to sit, relax or read.

The design and selection of products provides a contrast between the rustic white brick and the smooth dark aluminium, where the heaviness of the brick and beautiful white textured tones plays off the lightweight, smooth, dark toned, aluminium counterpart.

Reference - Wienerberger

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