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This two-level home is designed for executive or family living in a new medium density ‘village’ development on Swayne Rd. The home is built using POROTHERM clay blocks which are 100% natural and breathable. The cladding is a combination of TERCA clay brick and breathable plasters. Natural lime plasters on the interior and breathable mineral paints to finish the exterior. The indoor air quality is fresh & natural for a very healthy living environment.

The KORAMIC roof tiles are truly superb in solid clay – adding a sense of tradition, permanence & elegance. The PENTER pavers are laid in a traditional pattern, low maintenance landscaping.

Clay block maintains an even indoor temperature for all-year round living comfort. Very little heating & cooling is required. The blocks are durable enough to last well beyond 150 years, fire & earthquake resistant.

Austrian Internorm triple glazed joinery adds to the temperate and low energy indoor climate.  The joinery also adds a quietness shutting off the outside world which is hard to describe. From the inside – the home feels safe, quiet, peaceful & strong. A forever feel…

Engineered timber floors add to the warmth & easy care of the home. 

Living within these walls is an experience you just feel it and then you know…

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