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The new Brick + Co Showroom at Residium, formerly the Home Ideas Centre in Auckland, features a comprehensive display of our product offerings. Visitors can explore samples, create mood boards, and have access to our entire range. The showroom includes a spacious counter area with docking stations and a large screen TV, facilitating on-site meetings with architects, designers, and specifiers to discuss and finalise plans.

Among our popular offerings are the Terca Clay Brick and Porotherm Structural Clay Wall Blocks. Departing from the traditional NZ 70 series brick, these products offer a blend of classic brick facades with a contemporary architectural twist. This introduces exciting new colors, formats, textures, and styles, opening up endless possibilities for brick cladding in New Zealand builds.

The Porotherm clay walling block system stands out for its exceptional efficiency in construction. It has been successfully utilized in various designs and projects across both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. With significant attributes such as size (minimum 250mm external wall), thermal efficiency (as seen in the CLIMAmur Insulated Range used in several Queenstown projects), and seismic capabilities, there is a growing demand for this building system.

Porotherm is emerging as the top choice for solid masonry homes, despite the perception of it being more expensive. Its cost is comparable to a 140mm timber-frame build, ranging from approximately $4,500 to $5,500 per square meter.

You can go and experience all this and more within our Brick + Co Showroom at Residium 165 The Strand, Parnell. Open 7 days with free parking on Level 3.

If you'd like us to accompany you and your client for a personalised tour, just give us a shout—we'd be delighted to arrange it.

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