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Product Used - Porotherm Clay Block

Location - Warkworth

Architect - Graham Sawell - Pyramidz Architecture Design

Builder - Mike Bigwood Builders

Photos - Informal Marketing

Word from the Builder

We love feedback and it was great to catch up with Mike Bigwood to get a sense of his experience building with Porotherm on his first project.


How have you found ease of installation compared to other construction systems?

Simple to install – especially once you have your head around the product.


How easily have your sub-trades accepted the system?

Most are intrigued by something different – we have a great team of subtrades who have been with us for years nothing is ever a problem. It is all about knowing what you are up against and planning in advance.


How was your experience with technical and supplier support?

To be honest we probably could have asked more questions. We found everything reasonably easy but would have appreciated a little more detail around windows penetrations. It was great to have Mario on site for a day to share his wisdom.


Would you do it again and if so, what would you do differently?

Love the product, would look to use it on our own next build. Compared to the norm it feels like you are building with a product that is going to be around for a long time.

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