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Abote (Abbotsley Antique)

Abote (Abbotsley Antique)

Terca Abote facing bricks embody a rich heritage, brimming with character and authenticity. Each brick is meticulously crafted to replicate the rustic allure of its predecessors, offering a surface that exudes timeless appeal.


With a blend of honey brown tones and subtle hints of black, these bricks possess a captivating antiquated charm. The warm buff hues evoke a sense of nostalgia, while the sporadic accents of black add depth and intrigue, further enhancing their traditional aesthetic.


Incorporating Terca Abote facing bricks into architectural projects lends an air of classic elegance, infusing spaces with a sense of heritage and character. View the NZ Terca Brick Project using a blend of both Abote and St Ives.

  • Dimensions Available (LxWxH)

    WDF - 215 x 102 x 65

  • Weight

    WDF - 1.90 kg/brick

  • Bricks p/m2

    WDF - 57 p/m2

  • Technical Data

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