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Brick Used - Imperium Flavius Iluzo

Location - Mangawhai Heads

Architect - Stevens Lawson Architects

Buidler - Bruce Ogilvy, Moir Point Parks Development Ltd

Photos - Informal Marketing

The timeless allure of Imperium Bricks, where tradition meets modern elegance. Inspired by the enduring legacy of Roman architecture, these bricks embody the spirit of ancient craftsmanship. Each brick is meticulously finished with a calcareous layer, paying homage to the Roman tradition of cement-covered walls.

Whether adorning the exterior facade or gracing the interior feature walls, Imperium Bricks elevate and create the stunning results in this exemplary project envisioned by Stevens Lawson Architects.

What they had to say...

"While the Covid era brought plenty of challenges during construction, I wish to thank the team for their total commitment and professional service in sourcing and supplying the bricks through a very new and trying period for everyone..."

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