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CLIMAmur Clay Block.

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CLIMAmur is a Clay Block made of 100% natural clay and 100% mineral perlite insulation within the honeycomb.

These blocks have a very high R-value of between 3.6 to 5.4 depending on the thickness of the block. They range from CLIMAmur 30 to 42.

Being confined masonry, CLIMAmur is a self-supporting and self-insulating building solution. CLIMAmur requires no additional insulation due to it’s very high-performance level.


CLIMAmur is particularly suitable for colder areas of NZ, especially the South Island or where thicker walls are preferable.


These blocks are highly energy efficient & breathable – minimal heating and cooling is required to maintain an even indoor temperature all year round.


Why CLIMAmur.

Stellaria CLIMAmur Insulated Clay wall Block

CLIMAmur Performance.


Blocks are non-combustible and achieve an A1 resistance rating


Self-supporting and self-insulating, requires no additional insulation lining thanks to its high thermal inertia.


 Excellent water vapor permeability. Gaseous exchanges, eliminates condensation and regulates interior air hygrometric conditions.


Stable interior temperatures, ensuring comfort day and night, throughout all seasons.


Finished wall price per m2 competes with high-end timber-frame construction.


Building with clay block is nothing new. This construction system has been around in Europe for over 150 years and forms up to 85% of building in some countries throughout Europe. So it makes sense that as many New Zealanders travelling to Europe and experiencing the sense of longevity living in these buildings provides – why not re-create this in NZ?  

Feeling the difference between a timber/stick frame home and a clay/block build home – there’s just no comparison.

Once you step inside these walls; it’s quiet, solid and safe. These are true forever homes because they will still be standing in 400+ years, unchanged.

Kiwis are becoming much more discerning and yearning for a better way to build. With the realisation of the high durability & the high performance a Porotherm clay block home provides, for the same cost as a timber stick frame home - it’s no wonder Kiwis are turning to BLOCKBUILD.

CLIMAmur Block Range.

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