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Brick + Co Brick Slips.

Efficient use of energy and space

Our brick slips are thin sections of genuine bricks that provide the same look as conventional brick work which are commonly used to replicate the appearance of a conventional brick wall in both internal and external applications. They offer a flexible way to get the style you want and can be fitted to a range of surfaces as a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create an authentic brick finish that offers low maintenance and long term durability.

The performance benefits of brick slips are similar to those of brick – a breathable, non-combustible, durable, recyclable and energy-efficient material. No other cladding solution offers this combination of beauty and practicality.

How are brick slips made?

Brick slips are usually produced in one of two ways.

Firstly, they can be cut from the face of a standard brick, this method is a more traditional approach to brick slip production and allows the classic textures and look of a brick to be maintained. 

Secondly, in a similar way to the process used for standard wire-cut brick production, a column of extruded clay is divided into the required slip thickness before being kiln fired. This is a more cost-effective production method; however, this method does not offer the same levels of aesthetics and removes the opportunity to have header and pistol (corner) slips.

How can brick slips be used?

Brick slips have a wide range of internal and external applications.

They are used across a range of market sectors – for residential and commercial applications, for smaller features, full rooms or complete building exteriors, and for both new build and retrofitting or renovation projects.

Ideal for facade renovation

Brick slips are the ideal solution for maximising the space saved during facade renovation. Where the width of a traditional brick is not available, our brick slips come in 22mm thickness, to reduce breakage during transport and installation. 

Perfect for new build houses and high-rises

Once the brick slips are in place, they are almost indistinguishable from whole bricks. Virtually all facing bricks in our product range are also available as brick slips with the same qualities and properties as their ‘big brothers’.

Bricks in an interior setting - a captivating effect

By integrating bricks into interiors, you create a surprising touch, exciting colour and light effects, and have endless possibilities in terms of combinations and creativity.

Brick slips offer a flexible way to get the style you want and can be fitted to a range of surfaces as a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create an authentic brick finish that offers low maintenance and long-term durability.

Brick slips are the ideal solution for creating memorable and impactful interiors for retail, hospitality and commercial spaces. We know that, when designing or refreshing a boutique, restaurant, hotel or office interior, time and space are incredibly valuable. Brick slips allow you to construct an authentic-looking brick wall with speed, using up minimal floor space and creating little mess?

What sizes do brick slips
come in?

Brick slips are mostly manufactured to match the standard conventional metric dimensions of 215mm wide and 65mm tall, however we are able to offer more bespoke imperial or non-standard options in some instances.

Wienerberger standard brick slip thickness is 22mm, to minimise the amount of breakages, during transport and installation.

How do you use brick slips
on corners?

Brick slip external return corners are available on all of our range, from the same bricks as the rest of the slips. These units allow the seamless continuation of your required bond pattern to offer the complete look of conventional brickwork.



Watch this how to video showing how to install brick slips in a few quick and simple steps.

Brick Slips Surprisingly Efficient Brochure

For more detailed information, please download our catalogue or get in touch with us for details, pricing, and/or samples. We're here to assist you!

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